Simplify Sending Documents

The link can be used to securely upload and deliver documents to our firm. The document transfer is fully encrypted and safe to use.

Please note:  The maximum amount of data that can be sent via a drop off link is 3GB.

  1. Click the drop-off link provided below.
  2. Enter your Email address.
  3. Enter your First Name.
  4. Enter your Last Name.
  5. Click the Remember Me checkbox to have your email address and name auto-populate the next time you use a drop-off link.
  6. Ensure the document is being sent to the correct Recipient. This will default to Main Office, which you do not need to change unless specifically requested by Shelby & Thorpe.
  7. Type a Subject for the message.
  8. Type a Body for the message.
  9. Click Attach File(s) to select the document(s) to upload.
  10. Click Send to generate an access code.
  11. Enter the access code sent to your email address.
  12. Click Authenticate to send the document(s) to the firm.